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Office Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, M-F
5020 Ball Road
Syracuse NY, 13215
Phone: (315) 469-3144 or 911 in an emergency.

Dog Control
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Town authorized Electrical Inspectors:
Commonwealth Electrical Inspection Service, Inc. 585-624-2380
Middle Inspection Agency 585-454-5191

The Inspector, Timothy Willsey 518- 481-5300 or 800-487-0535
P.O. Box 140
Little York, NY 13087
CNY Electrical Inspection Service (contact Larry Kinne) (315) 633-0027
Upstate Electrical Inspection Agency (Aaron Bellows/Scott Bellows) 315-452-5304
P.O. Box 3422
North Syracuse, NY 13212
Plumbing Control: Onondaga County 435-6614

Septic Division: Onondaga County 435-6600

Sewer Maintenance: Onondaga County 435-3157



A BUILDING PERMIT will be issued when it is determined that the application is complete and the proposed work conforms to the requirements of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code and the Town of Onondaga Zoning Law and Regulations.  The authority conferred with the permit may be limited by conditions.  The Codes Enforcement Office must be notified of any changes to information contained in the application during the period for which the permit is in effect.


(1)      One (1) copy of the application, printed in ink or by a typewriter.

(2)      One (1) copy of an up to date lot Survey, certified by a licensed NYS Land Surveyor, showing locations of lot and buildings on the premises, and relationship to adjoining premises and public streets.

(3)      One (1) SET OF PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS describing the proposed work, in accordance with the State Education Law, Section 7307 and 7209.  The ORIGINAL SEAL AND SIGNATURE of a licensed and registered NYS Architect or Professional Engineer  must be affixed to ALL plans except where good causes are shown and if the construction cost is under $20,000.00 and less than 1500 sq.ft..

A.      If the permit is for installation of a SOLID FUEL BURNING APPLIANCE, the Manufacturers installation specifications shall be submitted at the time of application.

(4)      One (1) CERTIFICATE of Insurance with the Town of Onondaga as a Certificate Holder, listing Worker’s Compensation and NYS Disability Benefits, if wages are to be paid to anyone working on the project.

      (5)     One (1) Copy of PROOF OF OWNERSHIP (i.e. DEED, or a copy of a TAX RECEIPT).

      (6)     APPLICATION FEE in the form of check, or cash and make checks payable to the Town of  
               Onondaga, is required as indicated;



Total Valuation of Work:
Up to $1,000.00 
$1,000.00 to $2,000.00  
For each additional $1,000.00 or
Fraction thereof up to $15,000.00  
For each additional $1,000.00 over
$15,000.00 or fraction thereof to and
Including $25,000.00  
$25,000.00 to $50,000.00  
Over $50,000.00




Application Fee
$117.00 for the first $25,000.00 plus $3.00 for each additional $1,000.00 or fraction thereof to and including $50,000.00
$192.00 for the first $50,000.00 Plus $2.00 for each additional  $1,000.00 or fraction thereof.
$15.00 Inflatable Pool, $25.00 Above Ground Pool, $50.00 Inground Pool
Fee is by cost of construction (see above) 

 (9)    All of the above shall be submitted to the CODES ENFORCEMENT OFFICE undertaking activity that requires a building permit prior to obtaining such permit is a crime. (Class A Misdemeanor)

(10) It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to schedule inspections with the Codes Enforcement Office 24 hours in advance as required below

                (A)    FOOTER  C. FOUNDATION                               E. INSULATION

                      (B)   FRAMING  D. SOLID FUEL BURNING APPLIANCE   F. FINAL  


As a member of the CNY Stormwater Coalition, Supervisor Thomas Andino invites you to participate in the 2015 Stormwater and Water Quality Survey. This non-scientific survey is designed to track baseline stormwater public awareness and to help direct future public education efforts. The survey takes less than five minutes to complete and will help the Town comply with federal and state stormwater regulations. Please click on the following link to participate in the survey, and thank you in advance for your time, and your interest. Stormwater Survey

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