Storm Water Regulations

Storm water that runs off during and after land development results in flooding and erosion, is the cause of sufficient intrusions of lakes, streams, rivers and tributaries. Local Governments, such as the Town of Onondaga, are required to develop and implement storm water run-off controls including local Storm Water Management Laws and other regulations as required by State and Federal Law. Control of land use in development rests with Local Governments. For this reason, State and Federal Law now require urbanized communities such as the Town of Onondaga and publicly owned and institutions in New York State to establish Storm Water Management Programs. The goal of these programs is to retain or absorbed storm water on developed sites wherever possible with the quantity, rate, and quality of run-off remaining as they were before the sites were developed. Likewise homeowners by implementing healthy habits can assist in eliminating storm water pollution. By practicing healthy household habits, homeowners can keep common pollutants like pesticides, pet waste, grass and automotive fluids off the grounds and out of storm water.

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last updated June, 2014